Referencing and quotations of gold and silver coins
Professional Offer

In addition to the benefits of premium offers, we offer professionals additional rights and tools.

Replication and resale rights

By subscribing to the professional offer, you have the partial right to replicate or resell the information. You can distribute our data via articles, books, websites or catalogs.


There are 2 main limitations to the rights described above:

  • Partial selection: You have the rights to replicate and resell all coins and series for which you have a professional project, but you are prohibited from downloading or using the entire database.
  • Image rights: the images proposed by are not the properties of the site. They are graciously provided by individuals or by the creators and dealers of coins to promote their products. We can not therefore give you full rights to these images, but you can judge according to your project if it is relevant to use the links we provide.


For easy access to our data, we provide you with tools for creating services, to display our data in Xml or Json formats.

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